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Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:47pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:31pm

<3 powder blue.
Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:14pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 04:58pm


What I say: “oh woah, he is cute!”

What I mean: “oh woah, I want to ride his face and then his cock”

Thursday Jul 7 @ 04:41pm

Putting your hand over a girls mouth to stop people hearing her moaning is the hottest thing

Kissing her and letting her moan into your mouth is even sexier

Thursday Jul 7 @ 04:24pm
Showing off me new gnashers✌️
Thursday Jul 7 @ 04:23pm


Polaroids w/ Aly Antorcha

by Jabari Jacobs


Thursday Jul 7 @ 04:08pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:52pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:35pm

Bought this amazing book from Waterstones today where you write one line a day for five years! Amazing to keep your memories in 💕
Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:19pm


sure we’ve never had a woman president, the majority of politicians and CEOs are men, a woman needs a masters degree just to make the same money as a man with a BA doing the same job, rape cases are grossly under prosecuted, and we teach young girls that they’re “asking for” rape based on what they’re wearing

but let’s talk about the REAL issues like how some woman on the internet is selling a coffee mug with the words “male tears” printed on it

Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:15pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:02pm

IG: sydneyfashionblogger
Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:46pm

sometimes you see a pun so artfully constructed you just have to stand back in awe.
Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:30pm
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